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Team Development Training

This Team Development Training will provide you with a practical overview of team dynamics.

Great teams are energizing and productive. They deliver breakthrough results. In an effective team, everyone understands how to contribute in such a way that support team outcomes, that go above and beyond what any individual could accomplish alone. But teamwork isn't easy. The best teams, with the most well-intentioned colleagues, can encounter problems that hinder their collectie accomplishments.

In this training, you will learn strategies and facilitation techniques for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. You will develop skills that enhance communication and trust, and align team members around shared goals.


• Concept of team
• Roles of team members
• DISC Model of Human Behavior
• Characteristics of high performing teams
• Stages of team development
• Leading teams
• Effective communication in a team
• Conflict solving within a team
• Problem solving within a team
• Dysfunctions of a team
• Dealing with challenges in a team
• Decision-making techniques for teams
• Assessment of team competencies
• Multicultural and virtual teams
• Role plays / case work

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  • The training was very beneficial for me. I learned during the three-day Assessor Training about Excellence and how I can conduct an assessment in an organization based on best practice standards. All leaders in government organizations should have knowledge about the EFQM Excellence Framework and should take actions to follow the best practice standards in their organizations. We would then be able to make improvements more quickly in all areas of government services, helping to bring our country forward.

    Dr. Khamis Al Kulaibi, Direktor für Training, Institute of Public Administration (IPA), Muscat, OM
  • Das Dokumenten Management System (DMS) Training war sehr interessant und interessant. Ich erwarte, dass dieses Training mir helfen wird, meine Arbeit zu verbessern. Das Training wurde gut organiziert und und vom Trainer gut durchgeführt. Seine Art und Weise wie er das Thema erklärte war interessant und klar. Ich empfehle dieses Training allen, die sich mit Dokumenten Management befassen.

    Mr. Adil Saif Al-Shidi, Quality Management Spezialist, Directorate General of Quality Assurance Center; Ministry of Health, Muscat, OM
  • Das von ITQM durchgeführte EFQM Leaders for Excellence Training war sehr interessant und wertvoll für mich. Ich schätzte vorallem die Best Practise Beispiele, die von Dr. Karl J. Koller präsentiert wurden.

    Mr. Abdulaziz A. Almahboob, Head of TQM Department, Assessor for the King Abdulaziz Quality Award, Eastern Province Directorate, Ministry of Education, Dammam, KSA