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ITQM Berater und Trainer sind ausgewählte Experten

ITQM Berater und Trainer sind ausgewählte Experten mit langjähriger Führungs-, Beratungs und Ausbildungserfahrung. Alle ITQM Trainer haben die angebotenen Trainings, Seminare und Studienreisen entwickelt and stellen sicher, dass diese kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt werden und auf eine interessante Art durchgeführt werden, zum Erfolg der Teilnehmenden.

Die ITQM Trainer gehören zu Themengruppen. Die Leiter dieser Themengruppen sind:

Dr. oec. HSG Karl J. Koller, MBA

  • Business Excellence
  • TQM / Strategy
  • EFQM Trainings
  • EFQM Selbstbewertung
  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching von Grossgruppen

Herr Hani Antar, MBA

  • ISO / Qualitätsmanagement Systeme
  • Prozess Management
  • Risk Management

Dr. Robert Müller, MBA

  • Communication
  • Team Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Das EFQM Leaders for Excellence Training gab mir ein sehr gutes Verständnis wie Excellence an Universitäten eingeführt werden kann. Das Training ist für Führungskräfte an Universitäten sehr nutzbringend.

    Dr. Winston Tambyrajah, Head of Department, General Studies, Jubail University College, Jubail, KSA
  • I have attended the EFQM Foundation Training by ITQM. It was a very good experience, which I recommend to every person who intends to explore new ways of managerial thinking and to every organization that needs to increase the efficiency and the outcome of its organization. The training was supported with case studies, live examples and documents, which I can refer to and build on, to translate into my day to day work. I am looking forward to attend  the EFQM Assessor Training by ITQM.”

    Alain Mahrouk, Senior Operations Manager, Burj Al Hamam Restaurants Company, Riyadh, KSA
  • The training was very beneficial for me. I learned during the three-day Assessor Training about Excellence and how I can conduct an assessment in an organization based on best practice standards. All leaders in government organizations should have knowledge about the EFQM Excellence Framework and should take actions to follow the best practice standards in their organizations. We would then be able to make improvements more quickly in all areas of government services, helping to bring our country forward.

    Dr. Khamis Al Kulaibi, Direktor für Training, Institute of Public Administration (IPA), Muscat, OM