Swiss Quality


  • Executive Coaching
    Begleitung und Beratung von Führungskräften
  • Management Team Reflektion
    Standortbestimmung (Gap Analysis) mit Management, basierend auf dem EFQM Excellence Modell
  • Coaching der Organisationsentwicklung
    Begleitung der Organisation in Veränderungsprozessen
  • Team Coaching
    Coaching von Arbeitsteams oder themenspezifisch zusammengesetzte Gruppen
  • Grossgruppen Coaching
    Future Search Conference, Real Time Strategic Change, Open Space Technology,
    Appreciative Inquiry
  • Successfully attending the EFQM Training has helped me not only to realize the significance of change but to understand the importance of doing it right. The training days were very rich with information about how to lead the Excellence Journey of any organization. Dr. Koller delivered a very professional training. I am looking forward to applying my newly gained know-how in the workplace.

    Mr. Hamed Al Battashi, Manager, Oman Specialized Nursing Institute, Muscat, OM
  • The EFQM Leaders for Excellence Training gave me a new view about Quality. I learned about a holistic Excellence Framework that helps organizations to develop towards Excellence. I wish more of our leaders would know about the EFQM Excellence Model. Developing our organizations towards Excellence would be very beneficial for our customers, our organizations, and our country.

    Ms. Suad Fael Mubarak Bait-Maghrab, Leiterin der Qualitätsmanagement Abteilung, Sultan Qaboos Krankenhaus, Salalah, OM
  • Thanks a lot for providing the Excellence Assessor Scoring Calibration Online Training, another enriching and insightful training opportunity for EFQM Assessors (Model 2020). The training helped me to further to develop my Assessor skills.

    Mr. Srinivasa Rao Pentapalli, Quality Management Lead, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Muscat, OM